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Photographe:     Daniel Reuter

Editeur:              Peperoni Books

Année:                2013

Langue:              Anglais

Format:               21 cm x 27 cm

Couverture:        Hardcover

Pages:                72

Remarques:        36 images noir/blanc

ISBN                    978-3-941825-58-1



I began work on this project in late summer 2012, after having recently relocated to Iceland and during a period of my life marked by profound personal transitions. Setting out on daily drives to the countryside to photograph, I was primarily seeking quiet and solitude, expecting to find a sense of direction. Equal parts topographical survey of a fictional land and account of a Herzogian existentialist trip,History of the Visit has become a lot more biographic than I initially anticipated. I am interested in the transformative quality of photography, by which thought is abstracted and landscape decontextualised.“ - Daniel Reuter


The minimalistic aesthetics of this book is reminiscent of a sophisticated piece of electronic music. It is not the rhythm or the melody that drives the piece forward, it is the sound that fills the room while layers of the same but offset played patterns generate complexity. There are rugged cliffs, dark barren landscapes, ground vegetation and different shaped monoliths, buildings with no obvious function and few interiors not meant to reside in. While the silver grey of the images is getting louder you are traveling on the moon like an isolated earthling looking for the right direction.

The book was shortlisted for the "Aperture Foundation / Paris Photo 2013 - First Photobook Award“.

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