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Jennifer's Family

Editeur: Schilt Publishing

Année : August 2012

Langue : anglais

Louisa Marie Summer, born 1983 in Munich, Germany, is a German photographer, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2010 she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the renowned Rhode Island School of Design. Before Louisa studied Photo Design and received her Diploma from the University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany. Louisa's photographs and video explore issues of social structure, injustice, identity, and survival. She has worked extensively, among others, in India, Australia and the Republic of Georgia. In Tbilisi she documented the diverse lifestyles of contemporary Georgian youth, torn between religious and traditional values and the promises of Western status symbols like cars and the latest fashion.

Mairéad Byrne is an Associate Professor of Poetry and Poetics at Rhode Island School of Design and was Louisa Marie Summer's teacher in the early days of this project. She now feels more student than teacher, being led out by Louisa's photographs into real engagement with writing in service to community, and new relationships with people and neighborhoods in Providence, the city in which she has lived for nine years.

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