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Genre: Photographie

Publié par:
Centre national de l‘audiovisuel (CNA), Luxembourg, in co-edition with Institute of

Contemporary Art New York, and Gevaert Editions, Brussels.

Edité par: Michèle Walerich (CNA),
Asger Taiaksev (Gevaert Editions)

Photographes: Jeff Weber
with contributions (essay and comic) by Michael Baers

Textes: Michael Baers


Année:  2023

Langues: EN.

Pages: 112

Photographies: b/w

Format : 17 x 24 cm

Prix: € 26.-

ISBN: 978-99959-809-4-8


Ostensibly as documentary in nature as his work on The Family of Man, Image Storage Containers (2012) does something closely related in intention to Weber’s previous series and yet very different.

On one level, it condenses, as Marie Muracciole has noted, two moments in the myth of photography as a “universal language”: the first involving The Family of Man-as-imperial project; the second, photography’s sheer technicity as a mechanical means of reproduction, with all the attendant connotations of objective scientificity. Atop this interfolding of meanings one can discern two additional layers: the Image Storage Containers as a kind of “thought experiment,” an autopedagogical exercise in schematizing the human nervous system, and, a more polemical read, a proposition about the present conditions for viewing photographs within today’s networked image regime—at a moment when computer technologies, themselves predicated upon neuroscience findings on human perception and cognition, have precipitated a mass transformation of psycho-social behavior.

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