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Biographie Edward Steichen

The fascinating life and world-famous work of Edward Steichen, an American photographer of Luxembourg origin and a multi-talented artist, is at the center of this monograph, which is conceived at the same time as a reinterpretation of the history of modern art. On the basis of new research, Gerd Hurm explains why, in works on 20th century art, Edward Steichen, his artistic projects and his commitment to pacifism, human rights, equal rights and ecology are rarely mentioned. Gerd Hurm's study thus offers a new, unsuspected illumination of Steichen's work. The Luxembourg collections dedicated to Steichen, notably the installation "The Family of Man" in Clervaux (World Heritage of Documentary, UNESCO, 2003), play a special role in his book published in the "Lëtzebuerger Biografien"-series by Editions Saint-Paul in collaboration with the "Centre national de l'audiovisuel" (CNA).

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