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In the name of public order and morality

Auteur: Paul Lesch


Editeur: CNA


Format: 17,5 x 25 cm - 332 pages  - broché


Langue: français


Année: 2005



After more than one century of cinema exhibition and film censorship and classification, the study of ministerial bans, deleted scenes, legally imposed seizures, decisions made by the Cinema Commission, and also the numerous debates surrounding certain films, grives us an insight into aspects of Luxembourg history and society as varied as the evolution of popular moral standards and sensibilities, certain great political debates or the frailty of the country's international status during the 1930s.


Several films (‘Lucrèce Borgia’, ‘Der Apfel ist ab’, ‘Viridiana, etc.) were banned by the government on moral or religious grounds. Others such as ‘Morgenrot’, The Road Back’ or ‘La tragédie de Marchienne’ fell victim to political considerations. During tje 1960s and 1970s, ‘Quiet Days in Clichy’ and ‘Last Tango in Paris’ were seized - temporarily - because of their allegedly obscene content.

This book also tackles the issues of cinema advertising, the practice of film mutilation, and the memorable debates sparked off by productions as varied as ‘Clochemerle’, ‘Die Sünderin’, ‘Die grünen Teufel von Monte Cassino’, ‘The Green Berets’ or ‘History of O’.


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